June 19, 2015

Sign Up for Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Workshops in Modesto, CA

Friday, June 19, 9 – 11 am PDT (English) >> Register

If you own or do business in California and your company has 50 or more employees, anyone who acts as a supervisor at your company must, by law, take sexual harassment prevention training. Even if you don’t have 50 employees or operate your business in California, training is strongly recommended to protect your business and employees – every company needs supervisors who know the law.

We understand many sexual harassment courses are expensive and tailored to suit the needs of supervisors based in an office environment. They may not understand what managers in your industry go through. We do.

That’s why we’re offering Sexual Harassment Prevention training courses in Modesto. As the leading partner in the growing and shipping industries, we at Western Growers know the unique challenges your managers face.

Send your managers to our in person, interactive, two-hour, AB-1825 and AB-2053 compliant workshop to

  • learn the legal definitions of sexual harassment and employment discrimination
  • practice how to address issues
  • discuss legal obligations managers have to their employees
  • study the consequences of sexual harassment on individuals and your company
  • learn about abusive conduct in the workplace and why you need to address it

We offer courses in English and Spanish for a minimal cost:

  • Western Growers members: $50/attendee
  • Non-members: $70/attendee

If you have questions, please contact Adriana Robles at [email protected].