June 22, 2021

The Hiring Process: Recruiting

The goal of effective recruiting is to find the right person for any job opening. Effective recruiting practices that consider the specific needs of the organization with an eye toward limiting potential legal risk, save time as well as money. A well thought out recruiting process allows the employer time to identify its workforce needs, decide how to attract and find the best recruits, and ultimately hire the most qualified candidates. Provided below are a few best practices tips for effective recruiting:

  • Identify the hiring need (e.g., expansion, filling a vacated position, or managing existing workloads)
  • Filling a newly created position? Clearly identify how the new role integrates with existing operations.
  • Filling or expanding an existing position(s)? Consider who will be involved in the hiring process (e.g., hiring decisions, recruitment timelines, and interview schedules).
  • Determine in advance how to publicize the open/new position (e.g., criteria for candidate screenings, what type of interview process will be utilized, and who will be conducting the interviews.)
  • Review and possibly update applicable job description(s).

Check in with us next week for best practices and tips on initiating the interview process.