August 23, 2016

Update to Chinese Requirements on Imported Produce Due to Zika Virus

Last week, USDA, Foreign Agricultural Service announced that China added the United States to the list of countries that are required to perform anti-mosquito treatments for produce imports. WG sought clarification from government officials on some vague disinsection requirements, including exemption requirements for certain temperature-controlled commodities. Those clarifications are summarized below.

  • Fruit and vegetable exporters will not need to provide a disinsection certificate if the shipment is held below 59 degrees F (15 C), verified by the container setting
  • Exception to the individual container certification
    • If the carrier can provide certification that the entire vessel has undergone the requisite disinsection treatment, then one certificate for the entire vessel is deemed sufficient
  • Shippers should confirm with the carrier that they will be able to provide a full vessel certification (There are potential protocols where the actual ocean carrier can certify the ship as ‘mosquito free’ exempting all the containers aboard the vessel.) 

Read the details of these requirements in the most recent update provided by the USDA-Foreign Agricultural Service.

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