July 5, 2023

Review Updates to Cyclospora Prevention, Response and Research Action Plan

The FDA’s Cyclospora Task Force has made updates to the Cyclospora Prevention, Response and Research Action Plan. In 2021, the Cyclospora Task Force brought together multidisciplinary experts across the FDA and CDC with the goal of reducing the public health burden of foodborne illness caused by C. cayetanensis in produce. In a move to accomplish this goal, the task force created the Cyclospora Prevention, Response and Research Action Plan as a multi-year strategic guide that focuses on three priority areas: improving prevention, enhancing response activities and filling knowledge gaps.

According to the FDA, the following updates have been made to the 2021 document:

  • Development of a new targeted amplicon genotyping assay for cayetanensis which will further aid outbreak and root cause investigations by allowing laboratories to sequence even when low levels of the parasite are detected in the sample
  • Development of a new fully automated screening assay for the detection of cayetenansis in fresh produce, soil and surface agricultural water through a research collaboration between the FDA and an independent laboratory
  • Monthly meetings with stakeholders to discuss food safety and research and share data
  • Technical assistance on research regarding the control of cayetanensis on produce and in the environment

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