March 25, 2024

Craig Johnson, Vice President of Agricultural Operations for Del Monte Fresh, Visits CIT

The March Lunch & Learn at the Center for Innovation and Technology featured Del Monte Fresh’s Vice President of Agricultural Operations, Craig Johnson.

Johnson shed light on the intricate dynamics of farming year-round and its implications on the industry and eloquently emphasized the significance of understanding seasonality in agriculture, highlighting how it shapes the rhythm of farming operations and market demands. He elucidated the challenges and innovations required to maintain a consistent supply of fresh produce throughout the year, navigating fluctuations in weather patterns, pest pressures and consumer preferences.

Johnson’s insightful discourse underscored the essential role of sustainable practices and advanced technologies in ensuring a resilient and reliable food supply chain, ultimately contributing to the vitality of both the agricultural sector and the global community it serves. He talked about the automation solutions that his growers have already incorporated into their growing practices for the upcoming Salinas season and how sustainable farming might be a third category of produce sales in the grocery store, next to organic and conventional; retail customers are now requesting sustainability from their grocers.