March 19, 2024

Western Growers Science Organizes Nexus of Soil Health and AgTech Field Day at Braga Fresh

Western Growers Science hosted a field day in collaboration with Braga Fresh on the topic of the Nexus of Soil Health and AgTech, which highlighted innovative technologies and fresh produce production practices that elevate soil health. The event was well attended (+85) and facilitated industry ag tech networking as well as highlighted several WG members who are working in this space.

The day included the following events:

The Significance of Soil Respiration as a Pivotal Indicator of the Soil’s Overall Health and Microbial Activity

Speaker: Charlie Dubbe, Agrology

Live Demonstration of spray drone, in field, Wilbur Ellis

Speaker: Elliot Dorenbaum, Wilbur Ellis

Soil Health, Data, and Collaborations, Field Demonstration of Agrology’s Arbiter

Speaker: Charlie Dubbe, Agrology

Demonstration of Veda, field equipment on broccoli

Speaker: Sam Stoffers, Veda Farming

Braga Fresh Healthy Soils Project

Speaker:  Kyle Harmon, Braga Fresh and Pam Krone, CMSF

Sporenado, a Passive Spore Trapping and Detection System

Speaker: Kristine White, Sporenado

Western Growers Work in Ag Tech and Innovation

Speaker:  Ben Palone, Western Growers

Field Automation Advancements for Specialty Crops

Speaker: Nathan Dorn, farm-ng

Biochar and Carbon Sequestration in Agriculture

Speaker: Steve McIntyre, Monterey Pacific

The Nexus of Soil Health and Ag Tech, Panel Discussion

Panelists: Ben Palone, John McKeon, Nathan Dorn, and Parry Klassen

Moderated by Walt Duflock


For information about this event or to hear about future events, please email [email protected].