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February 14, 2023

VofV Podcast: Tom Mulholland and the Bottom Line of Agriculture – Productivity

Tom Mulholland sees California agriculture through the wide lens of his multigenerational farm. As a fourth-generation citrus grower, Mulholland knows his lifetime commitment to Mulholland Citrus is one part of the whole that belongs to his family.

“Generational pass-downs are remarkable,” Tom says. “The fact of it is that you have to have something that’s of interest… and we have the best opportunity to [show that] feeding people is so important,” he said in this episode of Voices of the Valley.

As CEO of Mulholland Citrus, he shares his effusive excitement about the intricacies of growing the kind of citrus that brings joy to people. Listen to this week’s episode to share in his devotion to the growth of the industry, horticulture, mechanics and, most importantly, family.

Click here to listen to this week’s episode.