June 22, 2021

Voices of the Valley Podcast Releases 5 New Episodes

After taking a short hiatus in 2020, WG’s Voices of the Valley Podcast has returned with five new episodes. Listen as podcast host Dennis Donohue (director of the WG Center for Innovation & Technology) and guest host Candice Wilson (vice president of business development at GreenVenus) delve into burgeoning agricultural technology topics with industry experts.

The latest episodes are a quick listen, running each at about 25 minutes in length, and cover topics such as the importance of data sharing in food safety and how to successfully integrate technology into agriculture.

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  • Episode 67: Tim York of California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement.
    Food safety expert Tim York expands on the importance of data sharing for advancing food safety. York shares how the fresh produce industry has made several efforts to anonymize and aggregate food safety data, but in the end, they have all fallen short because of lack of trust. Listen here.
  • Episodes 65 and 66: Neill Callis of Turlock Fruit Company and Walt Duflock of Western Growers
    What does it take to get a technology across the finish line? Neill, a NASA systems engineer turned farmer, and Walt, a 25-year veteran in the agriculture and technology sectors, provide detailed insight into how to build and pitch agtech. Listen here.
  • Episode 64: Amy Tomlinson of Concentric Power
    Tomlinson speaks about her experience as the first female Blue Angel of the U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron, and provides insight on how her career in the Navy has played a role in her agtech journey. Listen here.
  • Episode 63: Candace Wilson of GreenVenus (and Voices of the Valley guest host)
    Wilson touches on the incremental gains in both traditional and new breeding and speaks about taking a global approach to solving problems and moving agriculture forward. Listen here.

For questions on the podcast or issues downloading the podcast, contact Stephanie Metzinger at (949) 885-2256.