March 28, 2023

VoV: Bountiful Founder and CEO Megan Nunes Wants to Use Satellites to Revolutionize Farming

By Ellie Amesse

Most people don’t think of the study of agriculture and the study of space as being related to each other, but this week’s Voices of the Valley guest, Megan Nunes, shares with hosts Dennis Donohue and Candace Wilson how space and agricultural technology work together. Nunes is the founder and CEO of Bountiful— a company that uses satellite imagery to provide data-driven insights to farmers.

Nunes grew up in an agricultural community, but while attending Cal Poly SLO she worked for an aerospace company. Several years out of college she started Bountiful, combining her passions for space and the agriculture industry.

“I have a dream job that I’m hoping will be created in the agriculture sector one day,” Nunes said. “I want to see an agronomist become a digital data scientist, where we’re able to look at agronomy from space.”  Nunes, Donohue, and Wilson talk about their hopes and dreams for the agriculture sector, as well as topics of climate, geography and how satellite technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we farm.

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