February 22, 2023

VoV Podcast: Radicle Growth CEO and Managing Partner Kirk Haney on the Secret to Successful Agtech Investing

In this episode of Voices of the Valley, Kirk Haney, CEO and Managing Partner of Radicle Growth, joins Dennis Donohue and Candace Wilson to share some of the expertise he has gained from launching multiple startups and a deep portfolio of agtech investments. “You learn a lot from every investment you make and every company you run,” Haney says.

Haney shares his insight into the opportunities he sees in agriculture from an investment perspective. “Ag is the least digitized industry in the world. That absolutely, 100% cannot continue. Ag has to be digitized,” he says. Haney talks about opportunities to create beneficial systems that will help growers make better risk-adjusted farming decisions and integrate currently siloed processes.

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