January 28, 2016

We’re Losing How Much El Nino Water?

Today, the Coalition for a Sustainable Delta released data indicating that 125,000 acre-feet of water has been flushed out to the ocean this week alone as a result of environmental regulations restricting operation of the Delta pumps. And for the month of January?  The total amount of water lost so far is 208,000 acre feet and counting. This amount of water translates to nearly 70,000 acres of fallowed farmland and more than 1,600 lost jobs.

To mitigate this type of economic damage to our membership and industry, Western Growers has been actively pushing our elected officials to establish El Nino protocols that allow the Delta pumping plants to operate at maximum capacity during major runoff/flood conditions. We promise to continue this effort until every last opportunity to capture the El Nino rains has been exhausted.

For more information, contact Cory Lunde at (949) 885-2264.