August 8, 2022

Western Growers 2022 Annual Meeting Early Bird Registration Ends Aug. 15, 2022

We are pleased to announce the 96th Western Growers Annual Meeting will be held at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas November 2-5, 2022.

Attended by key decision-makers from Western Growers member companies, the Annual Meeting brings growers, shippers and processors together with allies and suppliers in the fresh produce industry.

This year, Western Growers will present the Award of Honor to John Harris. The Award of Honor is Western Growers’ highest recognition of achievement and is given to individuals who have contributed extensively to the agricultural community. With more than 50 years’ experience in ranching, farming, hospitality and thoroughbred horse racing, Harris embodies the diversity of California agribusiness. The Harris Farms Group includes Harris Fresh and the Harris Farms Thoroughbred Division, in addition to the landmark property known to all Californians on the I-5.

In addition, the Western Growers Annual Meeting includes a keynote by Admiral William McRaven, a retired U.S. Navy Four-Star admiral. During his time in the military, McRaven commanded special operations forces at every level, eventually taking charge of the U.S. Special Operations Command. His career included combat during Desert Storm and both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. He commanded the troops that captured Saddam Hussein and rescued Captain Richard Phillips. McRaven also is credited with developing the plan and leading the Osama bin Laden mission in 2011.

Strengthen your company brand, reinforce your relationships with existing customers, and build new connections with potential customers and other industry leaders by sponsoring the Annual Meeting. Western Growers is committed to delivering you a valuable sponsorship program that maximizes exposure and provides unique, intimate networking experiences. Please click here to learn more about our sponsorship opportunities. 

For more information about registration by the Aug. 15 early bird deadline or to take advantage of sponsorship opportunities, please contact Assistant Vice President, Membership Kim Sherman at [email protected].