January 14, 2021

Western Growers, Allies Share Trade Priorities with Biden Transition Team

On Tuesday, January 12, Western Growers and a dozen of its fresh produce allies sent a letter to President-elect Joe Biden, highlighting several international trade matters that are jointly important to the group. Agricultural trade has been a hot button issue in recent years – particularly under the Trump Administration – and it is expected to stay at the forefront of the broader industry’s mind for the near future.

Some of the key asks from the letter signatories include reasserting the need for retaliatory tariff relief, supporting the completion of new or updated trade agreements, championing sound science and proper risk assessments, and exploring measures to improve competitiveness here at home. Additionally, the group urges the Administration to install staff throughout federal agencies with strong knowledge of, and experience with, the diverse and complex fresh produce industry.

Looking ahead at 2021 and beyond, the trade relationships with China and the European Union remain top issues, as well as the ongoing implementation of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). For the roles of Secretary of Agriculture and U.S. Trade Representative, arguably two of the most essential positions for the advocacy of U.S. agriculture on the global stage, President-Elect Biden has nominated Tom Vilsack and Katherine Tai, respectively. Vilsack was previously Secretary of Agriculture under President Obama; Tai most recently served as Democratic chief trade counsel for the House Ways & Means Committee.

As stated in the letter, the U.S. agricultural industry is integral to the global food supply, and Western Growers will remain diligent in advocating for members with the incoming Administration and 117th Congress.

Please contact Tracey Chow for more information: [email protected] or 202-704-7312