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June 20, 2019

Western Growers Offers Four Exclusive Workshops at the 2019 Annual Meeting

Join Western Growers at the 94th Western Growers Annual Meeting at the beautiful Wailea Beach Marriott Resort from November 10th – 13th, 2019.

We understand the challenges facing our members and the efforts that go into carrying family farming legacies into the next generation. We can overcome these obstacles by coming together, forming common bonds and uniting behind shared purposes. The Western Growers Annual Meeting provides the perfect forum to achieve that mission through the workshops offered.


Western Growers presents AgSharks® — our groundbreaking collaborative forum to advance agricultural technologies for the fresh produce industry. Watch as cutting-edge startups pitch their technologies, venture capital fund veterans look for investment opportunities, and Western Growers members vie for the chance to test the new tech in their fields. Last year, the winning startup walked away with $250,000 (which led a $1.5 million seed funding round for the startup!); the year before, two companies received a combined $2.25 million dollars in investments. You can expect another exciting year, with new surprises as our AgSharks® evaluate startups and technology for real time investments opportunities.

Hawaiian Family Games

In the true spirit of Hawaiian tradition, attendees will join us for another round of unexpected entertainment and excitement in the ever-popular Hawaiian Family Games! Gut wrenching laughs and true competitive spirit drive this frantic but fun team activity that will keep attendees on their toes and lead to the crowning of this year’s champion! We can’t divulge all the exciting details just yet, but rest assured it will be a workshop you won’t forget! Attendees be sure to check in once registration closes and receive further details and team information.

The Future in Finance

Dive in to the world of financial security and an economic state of the union in this unique finance session moderated by Quoc Tran of Lateef Investments and Ashley Kennefick of Fidelity Institutional. The workshop covers a wide range of topics that include investment analysis, market trends and the hot companies out there for investors.

Tropical Top Chef

In a true tropical show down, attendees will team up and go head-to-head to make the best Tropical Salsa. Each team will be given the same ingredients to win over the judges’ taste buds. After facing the heat of the cook-off, enjoy your very own mixed drink! Alejandro (Alejo) Lobo, the Senior Banquet Manager and Mixologist Extraordinaire of Wailea Beach Resort, will demonstrate how to mix the perfect cocktail and teach attendees how to make their very own!

For more information about the Annual Meeting, contact Cheryl Wood at (949) 885-4798.