December 21, 2016

Western Growers Resources Available for Changes in Healthcare Laws

With the pending transition to the Trump administration, there may be changes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare. Western Growers Insurance Services is well-positioned to guide you through these possible changes as they unfold and is committed to helping you understand what these changes will mean for your businesses. 

For the past five years, Western Growers Insurance Services has served as your dedicated resource to guide you through the changes brought about by the changes in the law:

  • With the adoption of the ACA five years ago, the full resources of Western Growers went to work to interpret the law, determine its impact on our membership, and communicate that impact to you. We will do the same as the situation unfolds over the next few months or years.
  • Western Growers Assurance Trust (WGAT) is a viable, robust insurance option for our members, their families and their employees for their medical care. We have a number of available plans within WGAT, and can customize a number of options for you.
  • As your association, we have invested in a number of resources to help with the challenges of employment:
    • A competent Human Resource department available to help with guidance
    • In-house counsel, including ERISA and H-2A guidance
    • In-house health underwriting team, capable of customizing coverage and pricing
    • Claims call center, giving your family and employees access to direct help
  • Alternative funding – we can help determine funding options for you, including Captive and Self Insurance options.
  • Open Market options – we can access all other insurance carriers in California to review options for you.

Western Growers Insurance Services have experts available to help you keep in compliance with current law and guide you through any possible changes in the future. For questions, contact Jeff Gullickson at (949) 885-2351.