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February 3, 2017

Western Growers Signs onto Letters Supporting Estate Tax Repeal Initiatives

Tax reform will be a significant priority for the Congress in 2017 with both Congress and the Trump Administration looking to revamp the nation’s tax system. Earlier this month, Senator John Thune (R-ND), and Representatives Kristi Noem (R-SD) and Rob Bishop (R-UT) introduced legislation in the Senate and House of Representatives, respectively, that would repeal the estate tax, while still keeping open changes to the “step-up in basis” rule. Western Growers has joined with other organizations expressing support for these measures. Two letters we have signed onto can be viewed below.  

FBETC Senator Thune Letter of Support

FBETC Noem and Bishop Letter of Support

The estate tax repeal is potentially one of many provisions that could trigger a larger tax system overhaul. Western Growers will continue to evaluate targeted proposals and any broader proposals that are developed and being considered and keep members informed of their progress.

For more information, contact Ken Barbic at (202) 296-0191.