August 30, 2023

Western Growers Sponsors Sixth Annual AFF Safe Fruits & Veggies Farm Tour

Western Growers is proud to have sponsored the sixth annual Safe Fruits & Veggies Farm Tour hosted by the Alliance for Food and Farming (AFF) last week in Monterey, California. The tour brought together a diverse group of guests, including registered dietitians, health and nutrition writers, and wellness influencers who share a passion for fostering healthy relationships with food and produce. During the tour, participants engaged with industry leaders from Taylor Farms, Earthbound Farm, and California Giant Berry Farms. They delved into topics ranging from leafy greens and berries, to robotics in agriculture, food safety practices, and the intricate journey of bringing produce from the fields to our kitchens and ultimately our tables.

Among this year’s distinguished guests were Mascha Davis, Maya Feller, Amy Gorin, Rachael Hartley, Malina Malkani, Andrea Mathis, Marisa Moore, Kylie Sakaida, and Lauren Twigge. These accomplished women have made significant contributions to reputable media platforms such as the Today Show, Good Morning America, the New York Times, and more. With millions of followers combined across their social media platforms, their collective influence is far-reaching and extends beyond mainstream media.

In addition to Western Growers, other sponsors of the AFF tour included California Giant Berry Farms, the California Strawberry Commission, Earthbound Farms, the Grower Shipper Association of Central California, and the International Fresh Produce Association. The tour also benefited from the insightful expertise of Dr. Trevor Suslow and Dr. Carl Winter from UC Davis, both renowned experts in food safety, regulation, and toxicology.

This tour’s enduring value lies in its ability to offer industry insiders a consumer perspective, while also enlightening consumers about the realities of produce cultivation.