February 24, 2022

Western Growers’ Updated 2022 Personnel Procedures Manual Now Available

The 2022 Personnel Procedures Manual provides vital and accurate information for Human Resources Department professionals and managers to ensure their organization remains compliant amid the ever-shifting landscape of labor law. Updated topics for 2022 include changes impacting workplace safety, wage and hour, protected leave, post-termination issues, workplace notices and recordkeeping.

WG members receive a discount subscription price for this comprehensive digital resource that provides agricultural-specific guidance and an index with more than 100 forms. The PPM provides users relevant information on all newly enacted California legislative changes for 2022 in addition to guidance on existing federal, California and Arizona laws. Hyperlinks are provided for instant access to applicable government web sites in order to receive additional updated information.

The PPM subscription is available to Western Growers members for $100; Non-members can subscribe for $200. To order, please click here. More information about the PPM can be found here.

For additional information on purchasing the PPM, please contact Cheryl Hall at [email protected]. For information on the content of the PPM, please contact Teresa McQueen a [email protected].