February 4, 2021

WG 2021 Voice of the Member Survey Results Are In; Christopher Casado Wins Complimentary Annual Meeting Registration

Western Growers is committed to meeting the needs of our members, providing valuable benefits and programs designed to assist members with their operations. In January, a survey was emailed to all WG members, encouraging them to share their most-valued benefits and programs; reasons why they continue to be members of WG; and their overall concerns with the industry.

Here are the top highlights revealed by the survey:

Top 5 Benefits and Programs members are engaged in:

  • Food Safety Updates and Training
  • Health Insurance (Western Growers Assurance Trust)
  • Informative Webinars
  • AgSalary/Compensation Survey
  • State and Federal Advocacy

Top 5 Reason why members join Western Growers

  • State and Federal Advocacy
  • Food Safety Updates and Training
  • Networking
  • Health Insurance
  • Innovation efforts

Members continue to be most concerned about:

  • Labor costs, regulations, and availability
  • California regulatory burdens
  • Water issues
  • Food safety
  • COVID19 compliance and resources
  • Innovation and technology
  • Insurance
  • Immigration
  • Crop Protection

WG will continue the fight to influence change and provide our members with services and programs such as health benefits, government advocacy, employee training, industry compensation data and more. We are dedicated to making sure our members have what they need to continue to provide fresh produce for the world.

In addition to the valuable information received through this survey, WG is also proud to announce the winner of the survey drawing: Christopher Casado of Cal West Packing. Each participant of the 2021 Western Growers Voice of the Member Survey was placed in a raffle where one lucky winner would receive complimentary registration to the 2021 Western Growers Annual Meeting in San Diego. Congratulations Christopher, and thank you to all who participated in this year’s member survey.