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November 16, 2017

WG Calls on Trump Administration to Modernize, Not Terminate NAFTA

In response recent public statements made by President Trump and members of his Cabinet indicating that the U.S. may withdraw from NAFTA, Western Growers sent a letter urging the Administration to modernize, not terminate NAFTA.

In the letter, WG President and CEO Tom Nassif cites the economic benefits that NAFTA has provided the domestic fresh produce industry and stated, “…withdrawing from NAFTA is not an option. The disruption created from such a move would be a disaster for U.S. produce companies.”

Recognizing that NAFTA has not always been perfect for U.S. growers, the letter goes on to identify areas where the trade agreement can be updated, creating a “win-win” for all countries involved. Suggestions include enhancing sanitary and phytosanitary measures and incorporating provisions to protect against bankruptcy and non-payment.

To read the complete letter and full set of recommendations, please click here.

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