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December 12, 2017

WG Center for Innovation & Technology Reaches 50 AgTech Startups

Now housing 50 agricultural technology start-up companies, the Western Growers Center for Innovation & Technology has significantly and rapidly grown thanks to its cutting-edge events and programs and generous sponsorships. This year, WG hosted numerous opportunities where startups could connect with growers and investors, including AgSharks, Grower Days, Deep Dive, Tech Talk and WG Insider. Additionally, through the generous donation from Wells Fargo, Western Growers has been able to award scholarships to nearly 20 agtech startups.

The newest innovators in the Center include the following:

  • Boost Biomes, Inc: Boost Biomes’ platform enhances agriculturally relevant microbiomes (the microorganisms in a particular environment). The company is focused on developing safe and effective naturally-occurring microbes and consortia which can manage diseases of high-value crops.
  • Hazel Technologies Inc: Hazel Technologies’ products are inserts that time-release active ingredients into the storage atmosphere of commercially-packed produce. The active ingredients biochemically fight spoilage by slowing the aging process and fight the proliferation of disease.
  • Augean Robotics, LLC: Augean Robotics builds Burro, a robot that follows pickers and functions as virtual conveyor belt between pick points and collection points, allowing hand pickers to pick continuously rather than wasting up to 30 percent of their time shuttling produce.
  • Bear Flag Robotics: Bear Flag Robotics focuses on developing autonomous retrofits for agricultural tractors. The company’s mission is to lower cost and increase safety through automation technology.

WG is also thrilled to share that the WGCIT now has 26 sponsors. Thank you to our newest sponsors who are helping WGCIT startups bring their technology from development to production.

Our newest sponsors include:

  • Yamaha Motor Ventures: Yamaha Motor Ventures & Laboratory Silicon Valley (YMVSV) exists to accelerate the efforts of teams driving disruptive change. As a Yamaha Motor Group company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamaha Motor Company, YMVSV works collaboratively to create the future of industries ranging from personal transportation to industrial automation.
  • Terranova Ranch: Terranova Ranch is dedicated to producing over 25 premium quality conventional and organic crops as effectively, productively and sustainably as possible on over 6,000 acres in the central San Joaquin Valley of California.
  • Rabobank: Rabobank offers a complete range of financial products and services for individuals, businesses and agricultural clients. With approximately 100 locations throughout California, Rabobank’s knowledgeable, friendly banking professionals help customers across the state reach their goals – from Red Bluff to the Imperial Valley, and from Fresno to the Central Coast.

For a full list of all the startups or to learn about the latest Center happenings, visit the WG Center for Innovation & Technology website. For questions, contact Hank Giclas at (949) 885-2205.