March 2, 2017

WG Continues to Oppose Isadore Hall’s ALRB Appointment

Opposing the appointment of former state Senator Isadore Hall to the Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB), Western Growers has sent a letter to Governor Brown, penned an op-ed in the Sac Bee and testified against the appointment. Hall is a staunch UFW ally.

Last week, the Sacramento Bee published an op-ed by Western Growers President and CEO Tom Nassif, California Fresh Fruit Association President George Radanovich and California Citrus Mutual President Joel Nelsen criticizing the Brown administration for its appointment of Hall. Western Growers and industry partner also sent a letter to the governor stressing the importance of consulting with the ag industry before making such crucial appointments.

Yesterday, the Senate Rules Committee heard from Hall as well as witnesses both in support and opposed to his appointment. Western Growers’ director of California government affairs, Matthew Allen, testified in opposition, as did George Radanovich of the California Fresh Fruit Association.

“I’d like to highlight an additional factor that causes concern for our members and it goes right to the heart of the ability for the ALRB to be a fair and balanced adjudicatory body,” said Allen during his testimony.

Despite the opposition from farmers, the Senate Rules Committee approved the appointment of Hall with a 3-0 vote. Now, his appointment is subject to state Senate confirmation. 

To watch the testimony during the Senate Rules Committee, click here. The video is labeled “Senate Rules Committee, Wednesday, March 1st, 2017” and Allen’s testimony begins at 1:08.

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