March 3, 2022

WG Joins Alliance for a New Immigration Consensus, Calls on Congress for Common Sense Reform

Western Growers has joined the Alliance for a New Immigration Consensus, a bipartisan coalition calling on the White House and members of Congress to enact immigration reform.

In a letter sent to Congressional leadership on March 2, ANIC wrote: “This Alliance believes that Congress and the White House can come together on immigration reforms that address issues impacting communities across America, including the legal status of Dreamers, farm workers and other immigrants contributing to our communities, the security at our border, and the economic concerns regarding the availability and cost of the food on our tables.”

ANIC asked legislators to enact solutions this year that address:

  • The uncertainty that dominates the everyday lives of so many undocumented immigrants seeking to contribute to our economy;
  • The concern with the security vulnerabilities at our border and the need to strengthen the United States’ ability to manage the border in a secure, orderly, and humane manner; and
  • The workforce limitations in our agricultural sector that are currently contributing to supply chain disruption and raising cost concerns.

Other members of the coalition include the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Retail Federation and a spectrum of faith-based organizations.

More information about the ANIC can be found here. The full text of the letter to Congress can be read here.