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January 26, 2016

WG Launches International Website Page for Members

Trade is top of mind for many companies. In 2015, Congress debated and passed Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), providing the executive branch with the flexibility to craft trade deals and Congress with the ability to streamline their review and passage. Negotiations with member countries of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) also concluded in late 2015, paving the way for Congress to approve the massive trade agreement in 2016 which is expected to provide a significant boost to the U.S. economy as well as U.S.-based companies doing business overseas. Other issues, such as the West Coast port strike and the development of a Canadian risk mitigation tool for U.S. produce companies, have provided additional kindling making trade a hot issue for many.   

With many of our members involved in importing and exporting commodities across the globe, Western Growers has developed an International Trade Assistance page on the Western Growers’ website designed to provide members with helpful importing and exporting information. Members can use the page to determine such things as foreign country phytosanitary requirements and tariffs, or use it to find useful links to various USDA foreign offices, and the Global MRL Database. Western Growers will use the page to post WG position papers and statements that affect trade related matters.

Additionally, a function at the bottom of the page will allow members to submit specific questions to the WG staff in both Irvine and Washington, D.C. on trade related questions. Both the question and response will be confidential between WG staff and the member making the inquiry.

WG welcomes and encourages members to review the page which can be found by hovering your mouse over the ‘Membership & Services’ button on our main page (to the right of our logo) and then by clicking the International Trade button. Or you can go to: We are open to receiving any feedback or suggestions you might have which may greater assist you in the global marketplace.

We hope you find this page useful and we look forward to any feedback you may have.

For more information, please contact Ken Gilliland at (949) 885- 2267.