September 8, 2016

WG Member Gets California Water Shortage Op-ed Published in Capitol Hill Newspaper

An astute op-ed on the California water supply crisis authored by WG member Cannon Michael, president of Bowles Farming (Los Banos), was published today in the congressional newspaper, The Hill. Michael took the federal government to task for its inability to manage water resources in the state saying that despite visits by President Obama, several members of his administration, and congressional leaders, absolutely nothing has been done to address the needs of farmers and communities who work and live in the world’s most productive agriculture region.

The op-ed detailed how the state’s brilliantly-designed water delivery system “has been completely  overrun and strangled by a regulatory process run amok,” preventing the state from capturing and distributing billions of gallons of water to communities and threatening a key-part of our nation’s food supply.

In case you missed it, read Cannon Michael’s full op-ed.  

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