April 5, 2016

WG to Offer Sexual Harassment Prevention Workshops in May

It has been mandated in California, since January 1, 2015, that California businesses must train managers on how to identify “abusive conduct.”

The regulations by the Fair Employment and Housing Council include instructions for employers to:

  • Define “abusive conduct” as malicious behaviors that can include the repeated use of derogatory remarks, insults, and verbal or physical conduct that a “reasonable person” would consider “threatening, intimidating or humiliating,” as well as the deliberate sabotaging or undermining of a worker’s performance on the job.
  • Explain that a single episode or incident of this behavior shouldn’t be considered abusive conduct, unless it is “especially severe or egregious.”
  • Explain the negative effects of bullying on victims and co-workers, and on productivity and morale.
  • Cover the subject “in a meaningful manner,” though there’s no further direction on how to do that.

Western Growers (WG) has been ahead of the curve, providing extensive training within the Harassment, Discrimination & Abusive Conduct Prevention since November of 2014 to ensure our members are always getting the most current information which keeps them in compliance.

WG trainers speak specifically to the needs of the agriculture business and community, citing examples that are relevant to the ag workplace. WG offers courses in public session formats that allow you to send just a few staff members as needed and we can also provide a private training session at your choice of location.

If you are utilizing another resource for training, WG cautions you to make sure the training you purchase covers all these new regulations and requirements. Sexual harassment prevention training is required, by law, to be taken every two years by any employee who performs supervisory functions. A supervisor is anyone who, exercising independent judgement, directs other employees, or has the authority to hire, transfer, suspend, layoff, recall, promote, discharge, assign, reward, adjust grievances, or discipline other employees.

WG’s next public Harassment, Discrimination & Abusive Conduct Prevention course is being offered in Tulare, Calif. on May 5th and will be offered in both English and Spanish. Both sessions are available to all WG members and their employees.


Spanish Session
Thursday, May 5, 2016 – 9:00am to 11:00am
International Agri-Center VIP Boardroom 4500 S. Laspina, Tulare, CA 93274

English Session
Thursday, May 5, 2016 – 12:30pm to 2:30pm
International Agri-Center VIP Boardroom 4500 S. Laspina, Tulare, CA 93274

For more information, contact Adriana Robles at (949) 885-2297.