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September 27, 2022

WG Urges EPA to Reject Pesticidal Seed Treatment Petition

Western Growers has joined more than 30 other agricultural organizations in asking the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to reject a petition that seeks formal agency rulemaking or interpretation of seed treatments falling under the treated article exemption.  

In part, the coalition letter states: “There is no benefit to be gained by imposing duplicative layers of regulation on already-regulated products, as would occur should the petition be granted. Conversely, there is real, significant harm that will occur to U.S. agricultural production; our food, fuel, and fiber supplies; the environment; and EPA’s regulatory workload should the agency grant this ill-conceived petition. Our organizations and many others have already provided robust feedback to the agency during the public comment period for this petition. We are writing to remind EPA of the harm that will occur should the agency grant this petition and reaffirm the need for its denial.”

To read the entirety of the letter, please click here.