May 25, 2017

WG Urges Opposition to Bill Expanding Regulatory Reach Over Private Property

AB 975, a bill that would restrict landowner’s water rights and devalue and limit the use of their property within a quarter mile of any river designated as “wild and scenic,” is awaiting a vote by the full Assembly. The legislation is authored by Assemblymember Laura Friedman (D-Glendale).

Want more details on why this is bad legislation? See Assembly Floor Alert 1 and Assembly Floor Alert 2.     

A coalition of agriculture and business organizations that includes Western Growers is opposed to the bill. WG members should alert their Assembly members to this bill and ask them to vote against it.   

Use this link to find out who your legislator is by clicking on “Find My Representative.”

For more information, contact Gail Delihant at (916) 446-1435.