October 11, 2022

WGCIT Hosts Virtual Session on the Challenges and Rewards of Growing in the Central Valley

The Western Growers Center for Innovation and Technology hosted Turlock Fruit Company General Manager Neill Callis and HMC Farms Vice President Drew Ketelsen to speak about their experience as growers in the Central Valley.

Almost 30 startups attended the event, where the duo shared insights into their growing region and talked about the importance of automation. In particular, they discussed how their operations were open to innovation but with the ongoing labor crisis, the farms remain limited on time and staff to work on integrating new technology.

The next event at the WGCIT will be a “Lunch and Lunch” on Oct. 25 at noon with Jason Sedano, the Vice President of Innovation and Technology for Taylor Farms. To learn more about the WGCIT, please contact Executive Director Dennis Donohue at [email protected].