January 25, 2021

Pinnacle Claims Management Launches Rapid COVID-19 Testing Solutions

IRVINE, Calif. (January 25, 2021) – Pinnacle Claims Management, part of the Western Growers Family of Companies, today announced the launch of rapid COVID-19 testing at employer locations in Arizona and California as well as our Cedar Clinic Health and Wellness Centers in Oxnard, Santa Maria, Salinas and Watsonville.

Pinnacle has obtained approval by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act to provide COVID-19 testing. Our diagnostic rapid testing devices will allow our trained medical personnel to deliver highly accurate and automated COVID-19 results using direct nasal/nasopharyngeal swabs. These tests will provide employees with results in about 15 to 30 minutes and will also test for influenza.

Employers can schedule rapid COVID-19 testing either onsite or at one of our four Cedar Health and Wellness Centers locations.

Rapid testing services enable employers to act quickly to prevent the spread of infection in their workplace and limit unproductive time from staff who would otherwise be required to isolate at home while they wait for results, which can be days for third party testing facilities that have to ship samples to offsite labs.

“Employers have an obligation to not only protect the health and safety of their workers, but also manage their businesses with as little interruption as possible. We are committed to helping employers implement COVID-19 screening and testing protocols as part of their COVID-19 prevention programs,” said David Zanze, President of Pinnacle Claims Management. 

For more information on our competitively priced testing solutions, please reach out to Jenny Yun, Manager of Clinical Services, at (949) 885-4792 or [email protected].

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Pinnacle Claims Management, Inc. is a leading, all-inclusive third-party administrator (TPA) that provides a full suite of comprehensive health benefits administration services to self-funded employers in all industries. These services include third party administration, pharmacy benefit management, reinsurance, e-payment solutions, and health management and wellness.

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