September 23, 2021

Western Growers Commends Governor Newsom for AB 616 Veto

IRVINE, CALIF. (September 22, 2021) – In response to Governor Newsom’s veto of AB 616, Western Growers President & CEO Dave Puglia issued the following statement:

“We commend Governor Newsom for rejecting the most recent UFW-backed attempt to dismantle the secret ballot election for farmworkers. In vetoing AB 616, Governor Newsom has preserved the integrity of the Agricultural Labor Relations Act and protected the rights of farmworkers in choosing whether to form or join a union. Governor Newson has sent to Sacramento lawmakers the clear message that card check has no place in California. 

“We stand ready to engage with the Labor and Workforce Development Agency, the Agricultural Labor Relations Board and other stakeholders in the collaborative process outlined by the Governor in his veto message.”