Creating Job Descriptions
(English only; 1.5 hours)

Have you been tasked with creating job descriptions for a newly created position or modifying an existing one? Don’t reinvent the wheel. Learn how to develop standardized documentation that covers the three core elements of any job description.

Behavioral Interviewing
(English only; 2 hours)

Learn how to facilitate the fundamentals of the interview process and behavioral interviewing including the concept of STAR interviewing. It is often said that past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior, yet we sometimes don’t act as if it's true this when interviewing candidates — often  because we are uncertain how to ask questions that will tell us about past performance. Using the STAR method — asking about a Situation or Task, Action the person took and the Results of that action — can help us overcome that challenge.

Harassment, Discrimination and Abusive Conduct Prevention
(English and Spanish; 2 hours)

Using case studies and group discussions, this AB-1825 and AB-2053 compliant workshop explores the consequences of discrimination, abusive conduct and harassment on the individual and the organization. Discuss the important elements of carefully and correctly handling sexual harassment issues and complaints. Review the legal definitions of sexual harassment and employment discrimination, learn how to appropriately handle sexual harassment complaints, discuss the negative impact of abusive conduct in the workplace and address management’s legal obligations. 

Wage and Hours Laws
(English and Spanish; 2.5 hours for HR professionals, 2 hours for managers)

Managers and supervisors are tasked with important duties every day, including the responsibility of managing the time and attendance of their direct reports. Wage and hour responsibilities are one of those daily activities that tend to get overlooked, and yet can have serious consequences if the laws that govern this area of employment are not administered correctly. During this course, get an overview of state (California and Arizona) and federal wage and hour laws and discuss the role that managers play in ensuring employees consistently adhere to the law, including how they can help their organizations reduce the likelihood of costly wage and hour claims.

Workplace Bullying
(English only; 1.5 hours)

In surveys conducted by the Business Research Lab, 40% of respondents said they'd been victims of workplace bullying and 59% said they'd seen someone else bullied at work. Learn why it is important to confront and stop workplace bullying and the significant effects and damage it causes to both employees and the company.

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