November 17, 2020

Beyond the Vine: Wineries Can Build Tailor-Made Health Plans

Though COVID-19 has left a trail of destruction, the pandemic has also brought forth numerous opportunities for growth. One such being an opportunity for employers to play a central role in helping build a more resilient health system for the future.

For many employers, this period of economic strain brought about by pandemic-induced recession has exacerbated the challenges of managing the health care costs of employees. Western Growers Insurance Services (WGIS) has taken steps to alleviate that burden for you.

For three decades, we have been dedicated to developing insurance packages that meet your specific needs. Our main goal is to provide employers with solutions that allow them to be rigorous in the way they purchase health care benefits and better manage the roller coaster of health care costs and premiums.

Now we are taking it a step further.

Our ag-specific expertise has allowed us to build premium benefit plans that address the expanding and increasingly complex needs of today’s winery businesses. This plan was created specifically for wineries to help with improving their existing benefits program.

In order to cut costs, most other insurance carriers have reduced or narrowed their provider networks and have continually shifted health care costs to members via higher deductibles and out of pocket maximums. Our new winery program, which is the industry’s first tailor-made employee benefits package for winery employers, was created to help solve these issues.

The WGIS Winery Health Benefits Plans can support you in three main ways:

•   COST: The service we provide doesn’t stop with your plan design. When you partner with us, we will help keep your expenses in control.

•   ROI: Clearly defined goals for your HR/benefit/insurance efforts to make sure you are getting the most of your investment.

•   TIME: We handle any service issues associated with your benefits program so you can focus on attracting and retaining the best talent.

In addition to offering exclusive plans, our competitive pricing will make you an employer of choice as well as boost the level of morale and employee engagement.

It is also important for us to leverage our partners’ resources to help you better navigate the health benefits realm. Our trusted partner, Western Growers Assurance Trust (WGAT), has made some investments in how to support Western Growers members who have ongoing health conditions or are having difficulty with seeking care in the current COVID-19 environment. The use of technology allows WGAT to connect providers and members more effectively at a lower cost. This new winery program will incorporate these cutting-edge benefits.

The Winery Health Benefits Plans are employer-friendly, employee-focused and brought to you exclusively through Western Growers Insurance Services. For questions or additional information, visit or reach out to us directly at [email protected] or [email protected].