March 14, 2019

Comprehensive Care for the Diversified Needs of the Ag Employer

For more than six decades, Western Growers Assurance Trust (WGAT) has taken pride in partnering with WG members to offer an affordable and quality health care solution to provide to their employees. Here is an overview of why WGAT continues to be a leader in providing ag health benefits…now and in the future:

Caring Customer Care Service. Our entire customer care team is located at our corporate headquarters in Irvine, CA. When calling customer service, plan participants receive a caring and professional representative who assists them in an efficient yet respectful way. Bilingual care representatives are also available. We also have representatives in the field who visit clients and answer questions they or their employees may have regarding the health plan.

Bilingual Communications. Everything from benefit updates, member materials, participant newsletters and our Summary Annual Report is provided in Spanish, as well as English and at no cost to our employer clients.

Mexico Panel. For added convenience to participants who work or live near the Mexican border, WGAT offers a network option that provides health care services in the border cities of Tijuana, Mexicali, San Luis and Los Algodones. The program is based upon a referenced-based pricing arrangement with designated physicians and hospitals for services routinely offered in Mexico.

Cedar Health and Wellness Centers. We have opened four Cedar Health & Wellness Centers in or near the communities that our plan participants work or live. Our centers are located in Salinas, Watsonville, Santa Maria and Oxnard. Plan participants can receive many of the same services they would receive at a regular doctor’s office but at a lower cost. Bilingual providers and extended hours are also available to accommodate the needs of the workforce.

Telehealth services. To meet the needs of employees and their covered dependents who may have challenges with transportation, seeing their doctor during regular business hours, or being home with young children for example, we include a complimentary telehealth service in every plan. This 24/7 service allows participants to meet via a live video chat with a board-certified physician or mental health professional using a smart phone, tablet or any desk top computer with a front-facing camera for a low copay. The telehealth provider can also write prescriptions and coordinate blood work as needed.

Online Services. WGAT provides a variety of online tools available 24/7 to give clients and their covered employees access and updated information on their WGAT health plan benefit. Our online WGAT Employer Resource Center (WERC) allows employers to view billing information, run reports, update records and view member eligibility in real time. Our HealthView system gives participants access to review claims status, request ID cards, look up providers, make a change of address, download forms and contact customer service to submit questions.

Health Management Programs. Because WGAT believes in keeping employees healthy and helping them avoid getting a disease that can be costly to both themselves and their employer, we include in every health plan the following health management programs, which are administered by our partner Pinnacle Health Management:

Mom-to-be Program. Program participants receive attentive and expert assistance throughout pregnancy, delivery and post-natal care. The program includes initial assessment of the expectant mom, welcome packet, 28-week check in, postpartum assessment and in most cases, a gift paid by the employer client. Other program features include having their own designated care management nurse, dedicated online resources on demand, periodical screenings, and a directory of specialists, pharmacists and nutritionists.

Nicotine Cessation Program. This program offers employees assistance with ending their nicotine dependence. Weekly health coaching, resources and tools, free medications, and financial incentives are included in this free and voluntary program.

Care Management Program. For participants who already have a chronic health condition, support is available through WGAT’s complimentary care management program. The program covers those with diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, asthma, depression and can help with pain management. Participants receive resources, guidance and for most conditions, discounts to medication co-pays. An added benefit to those in the care management program is Medication Responsiveness Testing. This complimentary testing determines which medicines are right for a patient and which to avoid depending on their unique body composition.

To find out how our comprehensive WGAT health plan can help keep your employees healthy and productive or if you have questions regarding your existing WGAT health plan, please contact a WGAT sales representative at (800) 333-4WGA.