June 11, 2015

Renew Your Western Growers Membership

Western Growers is your connection to success.  From government affairs to water issues and from health care to innovation, we are here to support your needs.

We are on the front line in Sacramento, Phoenix and Washington, D.C., fighting on your behalf.  We are by your side in trade practice issues and here every step of the way with legal guidance, human resources training, logistics programs and more.  Our focused innovations in science and technology keep you on the leading edge of food-safety concerns.  No matter what part of your business is involved, Western Growers never stops working to make sure you have what you need to produce the best medicine in the world.

Here are five of the many reasons to renew your membership.  If you have questions, contact Randy Hause at 949.885.2265 or [email protected].


5 Reasons to Renew Your Western Growers Membership Today

1.            To make sure your voice is heard. Western Growers’ lobbying efforts in federal and state government address the water, immigration, environment and food safety issues that affect your bottom line.  Plus, through our Science & Technology team’s engagement with the FDA, your top concerns get the attention they deserve.

2.            To access ag-specific HR and legal training, compensation data and more.  Our expert training staff comes to you to provide training built especially for the needs of specialty ag companies.  Our Legal Hotline gives you one-on-one access to top-notch legal and regulatory advice, and the Personnel Procedures Manual guides you through the processes your company needs to be compliant.  Plus, the annual HR Practices and Compensation Surveys provide data for only specialty ag in California and Arizona—data you can apply to find and keep top talent.

3.            To get health benefits built for ag employees and business insurance to protect your company.  Western Growers Insurance Services (WGIS) is a full-service risk-management agency for the ag community.  Through WGIS, you have access to members-only health benefits—the Western Growers Assurance Trust—designed for your workers’ unique needs where and when they need it at a price that works for your company and employees.  WGIS also can help you protect your business with property and casualty coverage, crop insurance, automobile policies and more.

4.            To stay on the leading edge of ag innovation.  Through our Science & Technology team, you have access to commodity-specific food safety guidelines, scientific consultations for your company’s needs and monthly Lunch and Learn webinars to keep you updated about the latest technology.  You also are part of what’s driving research to address food-safety hazards and leading innovation in the industry through the SVG Thrive Accelerator program.

5.            To inspire the next generation of farmers—and consumers.  Through Western Growers Foundation, you support our mission to plant and sustain a fruit and vegetable garden in every willing Arizona and California school.  Children and their parents both eat more fruits and vegetables when the children have the chance to farm their own food.  So school gardens affect your company’s revenues now and in the future.

Renew your membership today at www.wga.com/renewals.