January 14, 2022

Meet Your WG Women Ambassador: Lacy Litten

Lacy Litten
Teixeira Farms, Santa Maria, Calif.

Lacy initially started her career in agriculture as a human resources manager. Hungry to learn more about the industry, she quickly added on responsibilities in safety and food safety, and eventually was selected to head up food safety at Innovative Produce. Today, she serves as a “jack of all trades” at Teixeira Farms, bringing new and groundbreaking ideas to improve efficiencies in the cooler and on the farm.

Lacy has formed a deep passion for the industry throughout the years and continually strives to demonstrate the importance of agriculture as No. 1 economic driver in California and re-connect consumers to the dedicated farmers that grow their food. Using her degree in mass communication and media studies, she launched “Facts from Farmers”—a digital initiative that showcases all the good farmers do beyond providing nutritious foods.

In addition to her role at Teixeira Farms, Lacy is also active in local community and agricultural organizations including Leadership Santa Maria Valley, Coalition of Labor and Agricultural Businesses, Santa Maria Pioneer Association and the Allan Hancock College Ag Advisory Committee.

She is also an advocate for the advancement of women in agriculture and previously served as the president of California Women for Agriculture (Santa Maria Chapter), founded Good Ol’ Girls Club and signed on as an early ambassador of the WG Women Program.


Journey with Lacy through the images below (see print version of this issue) as she shares a little bit more about her life.

“The WG Women Program provided a safe and supportive place to connect with women on personal and professional levels—women who understand the difficulty and importance of balancing our personal and professional lives in a male-dominated and demanding industry. Establishing relationships with these women whom I respect and admire has been one of the greatest rewards.”

“I’m happy to carry on the tradition of hunting in my family—just like my dad, grandpa and great-grandpa. Here, my dad and I are in New Zealand, which provided a once-in-a-lifetime bucket list-worthy hunting experience.”

“If I ever end up competing in any type of rodeo event, it will be because of my horse, Kali. She loves working cows and will bend around a barrel without slowing down. A competitive spirit is definitely bred into her.”

“Agriculture provides more legs for communities to stand on besides just gross value and employment. We need to educate people on those, which is why I started the Facts from Farmers web and social media sites.”

“I’m so grateful for my experience in United Fresh’s Produce Industry Leadership Program (Class 24). It fueled my passion for leadership, inspiring me to pursue a Masters in Organizational Leadership.”

“I enjoy speaking with legislators and advocating for agriculture. People underestimate how important it is to build relationships with the ones elected to serve us.”

Lacy is among the first women to complete WG Women, a leadership program that provides pathways for women to achieve the highest levels of leadership within the agriculture industry.