September 11, 2019

WGFS Provides an Inside Look into the Future of Finance during Annual Meeting

As 2020 quickly approaches, we are going to be faced with significant unknowns that could have a dramatic impact on our financial market. Will the trade war with China still be in full swing? Are we going to see a recession? What effect will the election of a new president have on the market? In the same vein, how would a re-election of President Trump affect national finances? With so many looming questions, Western Growers understands that you, our members, need some insight, guidance and tips for securing your personal financial state in such volatile times.

That is where our upcoming session—The Future of Finance—during our 94th Annual Meeting in Maui, Hawaii, comes in. We have brought together a star-studded panel that will provide an in-depth investment analysis and delve into hot topics such as upcoming market trends and fast-growing companies investors should be keeping a close eye on.

We have invited industry veteran Ashley Kennefick, regional director at Fidelity Institutional Asset Management, to join us on the panel. Kennefick plans to give us an economic forecast for the upcoming year, as well as provide a long-term outlook for the next decades.

Additionally, she will discuss the following:

•   2020 Presidential Election: In the past 75 years, only three presidents failed to capture enough popularity to win a second term in office. While our nation has historically favored the incumbent, Kennefick will touch on what 2020 could look like if the current administration is replaced the same way Gerald Ford was in 1976, Jimmy Carter in 1980 and George H.W. Bush in 1992.

•   Bond Yield Decline: She will provide her thoughts on why bond yields continue to decline—both domestically and in other developed countries—despite the fact that the United States currently touts a robust economy with historically low unemployment.

•   Bull Market: We will be going on the 11th expansion year since the Great Recession, making this the longest bull market session (when prices rise 20% from a previous drop of 20%) in history. She will share what, if any, current or any negative trends exist and if they indicate that the expansion may be over.

Quoc Tran of Lateef Investment Management will also serve on the panel. Tran is chief investment officer, domestic equity portfolio manager and managing partner for the prestigious investment firm. Lateef, a current equity account for the Western Growers Defined Contribution Retirement Program, has maintained the same “buy and hold” investment philosophy for 45 years. The firm believes that maintaining concentrated, high-quality growth portfolios that are differentiated from the market result in long-term capital appreciation and principal preservation. Tran will discuss the company’s investment strategy and provide insight on how Western Growers members can use these tactics to grow their own portfolios.

He will also delve into the world of 5G—the next generation of wireless connectivity. I spoke briefly about 5G in the last edition of Western Grower & Shipper Magazine, but Tran will elaborate on how this fifth-generation technology will give consumers access to information faster than ever and make businesses more efficient. This includes complete transformations to companies dabbling in immersive education, surgical applications, autonomous cars and smart communities. More importantly for Western Growers members will be Tran’s take on which organizations will benefit most from the 5G rollout. He will discuss the various companies that will win financially as the world becomes connected to this improved technology, his reasoning behind owning these stocks and what he sees long term for 5G.

We are still adding additional speakers to our “Future of Finance” panel, but we guarantee that by the end of the session, you will walk away with an informed personal strategy for investment. Our goal at Western Growers Financial Services is to provide the services and resources that help create and preserve financial security for you, your family, your business, and your employees. Our informative session is just another tool in this toolbox to help YOU. The panel starts at 2:30 p.m. (HST) on Monday, November 11, at the Wailea Beach Resort, Marriot, Maui. Join us!