May 14, 2021

The Next Generation of Employee Benefits is Here

By Eric Trost, Vice President of Employee Benefits, Western Growers Insurance Services

You have been stuck with skyrocketing healthcare costs while your employees face the maze of medical care without the adequate tools and resources they need to be healthy. You can’t measure what you can’t see!

Welcome to Western Growers Insurance Services and Western Growers Assurance Trust—a better way of doing fully insured employee benefits. The next generation of benefits is here.

You have been in a committed relationship with your carrier and broker for far too long. Isn’t it time to start a relationship with a partner who will make it all about you? The answer is YES. You deserve a flexible and transparent partner who is responsive to your needs. That is not what you get with the big carriers or traditional brokers. Do not let the status quo be your answer for employee health and benefits. It is time to bring back a partner that values personalized member education and advocacy with tried-and-true agricultural benefits knowledge.

We have good news for you. If you are ready to make a change, so are we. We are partnering with employers to administer a benefits solution that is designed around people. We are on a mission to humanize employee health and benefits while lowering costs and improving health outcomes. Our new innovative approach to fully insured employee benefits is built around a truly transparent model, supportive administrative services, people-focused healthcare literacy and clinical care management along with strong cost management strategies—because you can’t have a health plan without them.

Western Growers’ transparent health plans dig deep into claims data and serve up insightful executive analytics that allows us to give an unparalleled level of responsiveness and support to our agricultural clients.

This groundbreaking health plan offers several key benefits:

  • analytics at your fingertips
  • in-depth member analytics
  • cost management insights
  • informative population health management

Having all the data simplifies analysis. You will be able to identify problems and understand what conditions are impacting your employees as well as review high-cost medical claims, pharmacy, office visits, and more. Metrics and health data inspire confidence that a health benefits strategy contributes to business success. All these insights empower Western Growers to fine-tune your health plan, give you complete visibility, guide your decision-making and make effective recommendations in an effort to help you manage healthcare as an investment vs. an expense.

Rooted in 90 plus years of agricultural experience, we offer support and guidance on behalf of employers. Focus on your business—we’ve got the rest. From our employee education and support to our large claims management and adjudication, human resources, and compliance administration, we’re arming you with the tools, data and services you need to deliver a better benefits experience.

We understand the amount of control you have over the price of the insurance is often limited. The influence and control that you can, and must, have over other related areas of your business are beyond significant.

We manage aggressively as possible the price of insurance, but we go beyond the price of insurance to control the cost of benefits by managing the five key elements of employee-related expenses:

  1. Employee engagement
  2. Employee communication
  3. Performance management
  4. Employee well-being
  5. Health care management

Your employees and their health outcomes are a top priority for us. We take a member-centered, integrated approach to care management. This means we consider all your employees’ needs, medical, behavioral and psychosocial when creating their care plans. We collaborate closely with you, your employees and providers to close care gaps and facilitate clear communication as our team helps employees maximize the value of their health plans and reach their optimal health outcomes. Our multi-disciplinary team addresses health and well-being year-round—not just at open enrollment. We also have offerings that will appeal to your healthiest employees and employees who deal with complex chronic conditions.

Reclaim healthcare as an investment vs. an expense. The healthcare system is complicated, and we are here to change that. You can’t measure what you can’t see! Our game-changing approach will help you identify the total cost of healthcare by providing you exactly what you need. We will give you more control over costs as well as offer people-focused care and administrative services that support you in delivering a better benefits experience.