September 8, 2020

WGIS Evolves to Create Leading, Customized Insurance Solutions for Ag

Change. It requires confidence. It requires trust and most importantly, a solid plan of action that propels you forward. We know this because we have changed. Western Growers Insurance Services has evolved into an organization of insurance experts that recognize the need for change. The need to embrace innovation, technological advances, and transformational shifts in the way we do business with our customers. Now more than ever, Western Growers Insurance Services is focused on the ever-changing landscape of our industry. We provide more than just insurance—we deliver comprehensive resources, expertise, and solutions that help you respond to changes in the marketplace with courage and tenacity.

By adopting service innovations, new technologies, and strategic partnerships, we have evolved our reach and expanded our expertise to create customized solutions for our customers. Through the development of tools and resources that span food and worker safety, to supply chain and risk management, our team of dedicated experts is equipped to provide customers with today’s leading insurance solutions.

Western Growers has been rooted in nearly a century of agricultural history that has given us a unique view of how the needs of our customers are constantly evolving. It’s why we continue to embrace change and remain committed to the growth of our members and their businesses. We will continue to drive advancements in the areas of employee benefit programs and customized health options.

Through our extensive network and partnerships with providers across the country, as well as our flagship Western Growers Assurance Trust, our team can meet the everyday challenges that our members face. We are not the insurance agency you once knew—we have redefined our approach and transcended our technologies so that you and your business can reach full potential.

Our vision for the future of Insurance Services has created the path to a new way of working: We grow to help you grow. We change to help you manage change.