The Roberts-Stabenow GMO labeling bill—which creates a federal labeling standard for foods containing any genetically modified ingredients—was passed by Congress early last month and signed into law by President Obama this past Friday.

This bipartisan legislation will require food packages to display a text label, an electronic code, a 1-800 number or a universal logo to signify whether or not the product contains GMOs. More importantly, the law provides a uniform definition for GMO to eliminate confusion in the marketplace.

Stephanie Metzinger

Earlier this afternoon, Chairman Larry Cox of Lawrence Cox Ranches [Brawley, Calif.] concluded the quarterly Western Growers Board of Directors meeting in Newport Beach, Calif. Following committee meetings on Wednesday, the full board convened this morning to address major policy items impacting the competitiveness and profitability of the Arizona, California and Colorado fresh produce industry.

Key points of discussion from each of the committee meetings include:


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