Kroger sent a response today in regards to a letter from the USDA’s PACA Division Director, Judith Wey Rudman. It states that produce suppliers under PACA are not required to participate in the Net 90 payment terms. This, following a unified push back against Kroger’s original announcement about the policy, would have directly conflicted with protection rights under the PACA Trust.

Matt McInerney

On June 8, Western Growers and California Farm Water Coalition hosted a farm tour where four bloggers visited ag operations throughout Monterey County to learn what it takes to feed a nation. These lifestyle, mommy and food bloggers had the opportunity to hear about the labor challenges facing agriculture, learn about innovation being developed to help solve the industry’s most pressing issues, see how food gets from the field to the store and interact with the family farmers who grow the food they feed their children every day.

Stephanie Metzinger



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