Yesterday, Western Growers (WG) was awarded the Alliance Award from the Industrial Commission of Arizona (ICA) for all the work WG has done to help members facilitate safety both on their farms and for their employees.

"Western Growers should be an example and benchmark for all industries,” said ICA Chairman Dale Schultz. “Their willingness and drive to establish workplace safety protocols of their own, which happens to be more effective than federal standards, is just one reason they were recognized at our ICA on the Capitol Lawn event."

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Two infographic videos have educated nearly 310,000 consumers on the importance of California and Arizona farmers and their role in producing the nation’s fresh fruits, vegetables and tree nuts. These videos, which showcase statistics and facts about agriculture in California and Arizona in a compelling video, were posted on Western Growers’ (WG) Facebook and Twitter pages.

Data highlighted in the videos include figures such as the following:

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The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) invite processors and food producers to join a free interactive webinar to learn how to become a certified USDA vendor.

AMS purchases over 300 different food products to distribute to millions of school children, families and others who qualify for the USDA’s nutrition assistance program. Tune in to this webinar to find out how your company can participate in these purchases to support agriculture!


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