Date: Nov 05, 2020

Western Growers and the California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement recently rolled out an online desktop audit system as an alternative to replace part of the in-person portion of the LGMA audit process. The Virtual Desktop Audits Program is complimentary for all WG and LGMA members and is available now.

One challenge identified early on in the rise of COVID-related issues has been continuing audits while still adhering to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's guidance on slowing the virus. The guidance requires a reduction in human contact, which in turn meant the pre-COVID in-person audit process would increase the risk of the virus transmission. In light of the current situation, this Virtual Desktop Audits Program was developed to allow audits to continue while significantly reducing in-person contact.

The program relies on an online software platform that allows leafy greens handlers to upload audit documents to their own online repository for the auditor to access the day of an audit. This system allows for a segmented process, promoting security and an order that mimics the in-person audit process.

Benefits of the Virtual Desktop Audits Program include the following:

  • Handlers can answer audit questions and upload supporting documents at their convenience
  • General audit information only needs to be entered/uploaded once and can be copied over to other audit folders rather than uploading the same documents repeatedly for other audits that share the same information
  • Grower/Handlers can elect to share their audit report with multiple Shippers/Buyers without repeating the process for each (fill out once, share multiple times)
  • Potential to reduce time to complete an audit and in turn reduce costs
  • Online system (no software to download)
  • Safe and secure document storage
  • 24/7 software customer support and live person assistance

To learn more about the Virtual Desktop Audits Program or are interested in signing up, email

WG Staff Contact

Stephanie Metzinger
Senior Manager, Communications

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