Date: Apr 20, 2017

Western Growers Center for Innovation & Technology will be coming together with Google IgniteCS and Facebook to sponsor herScript Hacks, an annual regional hackathon, on April 29-30. Sponsorship is part of WG's effort to develop the future agtech workforce.The event is meant to engage students studying STEM-related topics (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) by encouraging them to work with industry leaders to create technological solutions to real-world problems. This year’s herScript hackathon will be an agtech-themed hackathon for college-level students interested in agriculture and agtech. 

Participating students will feel as if they are in an agtech incubator. During the event, teams of students will be paired with Facebook engineers and agricultural experts to form relationships, better understand agriculture and think outside of the box to solve real-world issues. The event will also kick off with an “Agriculture Expert Series,” where Dennis Donohue, lead of the WGCIT, will bring ag experts together to speak to students about the impact of ag and the problems farmers are currently facing.

WG members are encouraged to pass this opportunity along to any interested individuals. For more information about the event or to apply, visit

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