Western Growers is committed to advance technology innovation in the fresh produce industry thereby improving our ability to produce more food in more efficient ways.


Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) have become a hot topic in recent years as more media and anti-GMO groups have raised awareness about their existence. 


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Like all Western Growers staff, Innovation focuses on ways to support the health of our people and our land by addressing air pollutants and air quality. Plus, Innovation partners with Advocacy in lobbying efforts to support the interests of our members in state and federal legislature.

Working with regulators, industry and academia, Western Growers develops science-based research and education on managing pests that damage and destroy fresh produce crops.

Western Growers members are committed to protecting our environment. After all, their land and our natural resources sustains their livelihood, those they employ and their communities. Sustainability is a way of life to prosper, grow and remain profitable while preserving and respecting our resources.

Western Growers is focused on ensuring a safe and secure food supply, healthy crops and reliable natural resources.

Committed to the success of our farmers and our industry, Western Growers provide scientific and technical materials and solutions to help resolve the challenges Western Growers members face every day.

Partnering with our Advocacy team, who work on long-term water solutions for urban, environment and agriculture, Innovation plays a key role in water quality with sound science that provides efficiencies in water monitoring and water use, including using alternative sources.

Innovative Advancements

Western Growers Board of Directors has set a goal of feeding more people, with fewer inputs and leaving a smaller footprint on the world. With that in mind, WG is opening the Center for Innovation and Technology in Salinas, CA in order to accelerate technology and realize the Board's vision.

The agriculture industry has never faced so many challenges. Never before has our nation’s population been at once so distant from those who produce its food while at the same time so focused on food and the way it’s produced. Never before have farmers faced such intensive regulatory and marketplace demands even as key resources , such as water, become scarcer.

Technology and innovation will help answer each of these challenges.