Western Growers members are committed to protecting our environment. After all, their land and our natural resources sustains their livelihood, those they employ and their communities. Sustainability is a way of life to prosper, grow and remain profitable while preserving and respecting our resources.  Sustainable agriculture balances environmental health, economic viability and social responsibility.

Innovation Center

WG’s Center for Innovation and Technology, located in the heart of Salinas, California is an incubator for technology companies and startups that Western Growers believes will important to the future viability of the fresh produce industry.

Manage What You Measure

SWIIM’s turn-key ag water accounting solution seamlessly integrates with existing systems to plan and monitor field- or crop-level water budgets, protects your water rights and optimizes your income. Achieve a new level of water efficiency, analysis, and conservation with SWIIM® System.