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December 23, 2020
CDC Provides Additional Information Regarding COVID-19 Vaccines

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is continually providing information and rollin … Read More

December 22, 2020
Congress Passes Budget: Top Items for WG Members

After months of negotiations, the House and Senate passed the budget for the federal government yest … Read More

December 17, 2020
WG, Coalition Support Bill Prioritizing COVID-19 Vaccines for Ag Workers

WG has joined a coalition of 28 California agriculture associations in support of AB 93, a bill by A … Read More

December 10, 2020
President-Elect Taps Vilsack to Run USDA

President-elect Joe Biden plans to nominate former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack as secretary of agricul … Read More

December 8, 2020
Register Now for PDH Courses

Western Growers University offers both members and non-members unique and customized educational res … Read More

December 3, 2020
FDA Plans COVID-19 Outreach to Food Production Facilities

FDA is planning outreach calls to registered food facilities in areas with high rates of COVID-19 or … Read More