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April 28, 2016
Western Growers Sets the Record Straight on Federal Drought Legislation

In a Los Angeles Times op-ed, Peter Gleick derides efforts by Sen. Feinstein and Rep. Valadao to pas … Read More

April 26, 2016
“Pesticide Ban Near Schools Would Devastate Farms” Op-Ed in Sac Bee

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation is in the midst of developing new rules that would … Read More

April 14, 2016
WG Board Members Discuss H2A Processing Delays with Administration Officials

With the possibility of additional H2A processing delays threatening farming operations in Californi … Read More

April 14, 2016
WG Continues Member-driven Campaign to Defeat CA Farmworker Overtime Bill in Assembly

Last week, Western Growers sent an Action Alert to members asking them to contact their respective a … Read More

April 14, 2016
WG Campaign Educates Nearly 2,000,000 about Lost CA Water

Western Growers has moved the needle on the effort to educate Californians about the billions of gal … Read More

April 7, 2016
California Overtime Legislation Threatens Double Whammy on Farmers’ Labor Costs

The not-so-subtle war being waged against California farmers by pro-labor sympathizers continued in … Read More