April 14, 2016

WG Campaign Educates Nearly 2,000,000 about Lost CA Water

Western Growers has moved the needle on the effort to educate Californians about the billions of gallons of water being lost to sea and the need to pump and store more El Niño waters. Nearly 2,000,000 people saw the video that was created as the centerpiece of the digital media campaign Western Growers launched last month. All analytics from the WG Water Video Campaign can be found here.

The campaign aims to encourage viewers to take action and exert pressure on state and federal regulators to increase the pumping of storm pulse flows through the Delta. More than 1,880 people commented or liked the video, or shared the video on their personal social media site. This created a ripple effect that resulted in a significant increase in “brand ambassadors” on social media: 44 percent increase in fans on WG’s Facebook and 10 percent increase in followers on WG’s Twitter. All March 2016 analytics from WG’s social media accounts can be found here.

Additionally, the WG Water Page that was developed to house the video and a collection of resources/tools needed to effectively spread the message received more than 2,700 views. This was the first-of-its-kind digital media campaign that Western Growers has created, and with it being a tremendous success, it will serve as the foundation for these types of targeted campaigns in the future.

Western Growers’ members are still encouraged to share the video, use the #lostCAwater hashtag to share your thoughts on El Niño and the drought and to take advantage of the resources on the WG Water Page.