June 28, 2016

AB 1513 SAFE HARBOR DEADLINE SET FOR JULY 1: Resources Now Available for WG Members

July 1, 2016, is the deadline for employers to elect the safe harbor option under AB 1513. Employers who timely make the election and back payments will have a legal defense to claims for back wages and other penalties associated with unpaid and underpaid piece-rate compensation.

Western Growers conducted an AB 1513 “Safe Harbor” workshop on June 22. The recording of the seminar is now available to WG members to assist in calculating the unpaid rest and recovery and “other non-productive time.” The seminar is an important resource to help your company make an informed decision on the “safe harbor” option pursuant to AB 1513.

On the AB 1513 Resources Page, WG members will have exclusive access to:

  • AB 1513 Safe Harbor Seminar recording
  • Seminar presentation slides
  • A letter to workers notifying them of the company’s safe harbor election (English and Spanish)
  • A proof of service form to demonstrate timely notice of safe harbor election

For all the resources, visit the AB 1513 Resources Page.

Additionally, more information about the safe harbor can be found in the “Countdown to Piece-Rate Safe Harbor Election” article recently featured in WG&S Magazine, as well as in the AB 1513 Frequently Asked Questions.

For questions about the safe harbor, please contact Jason Resnick at (949) 885-2253.